Jackpocket Play+ FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Play+ account?
Sign up for your Jackpocket Play+ (“Play+”) account by logging into your Jackpocket account and clicking Add Funds on the main Play screen. Select the Play+ option and click Fund. You will need to input your Social Security Number and Date of Birth to complete the enrollment information. Verify your mailing information is correct on the form, click to agree to Terms & Conditions, and click enroll. Upon successful registration, you will have the opportunity to add funds to the account immediately using a Bank Card. Once you have withdrawn any amount to your Play+ account or deposited $100 or more, your personalized card will be mailed to your address on file within 10-14 days.

What are the benefits to using a Play+ account?
Play+ provides a fast and easy way to fund and make payouts while playing the lottery on Jackpocket.  It is a great way to manage your money and can be used everywhere Discover® is accepted.  Play+ has a very high approval rate when loading funds and is easy to use.

How does my Play+ account work?
With Play+, there is no credit limit and no credit check. Instead, the account’s spending limit is determined by the amount of money you load onto the account up to the maximum balance. For example, if you load $350, then the account will only allow you to spend up to $350 (less any applicable fees). You can use your card for purchases everywhere Discover® is accepted and at any ATM that accepts PULSE® and NYCE cards. 

How do I fund my Play+ account with a Bank Card?
Fund your Play+ account by logging into your Jackpocket account and clicking Add Funds on the main Play screen.

    • Select Play+ from the list of funding options
    • Tap the Deposit button to select a saved card or add a new card
    • If selecting a saved card, enter the CVV before you deposit
    • Enter the amount you wish to fund your Play+ account
    • Click Deposit

Important:  Please note, the address on the Bank Card you are using to fund needs to be the same as the address on file with your Play+ account.  Fees may apply to this funding transaction. Please see the Terms & Conditions for details. 
My Bank Card was declined when attempting to Load Funds to my Play+ account.
It is possible that the information that was supplied during the Play+ enrollment does not match the information on file at your Financial Institution. The Bank Card you are attempting to fund with must have the same address on file as the Play+ account.  Please contact your Financial Institution to confirm the information that is associated with your Bank Card. If you need additional information or help, please email us at support@playplusgo.com with your inquiries.

Can I schedule a transfer frequency from my Bank Card to my Play+ account?
You may opt to save a Bank Card as a funding source upon a successful funding transaction. However, due to the requirements of the payment processors, it will be necessary to select the Bank Card and input an amount to be funded for each funding transaction. 

How do I transfer funds from my Play+ Account to my wager account?

    • Log into your Jackpocket account and select Add Funds on the main Play screen
    • Select Play+ from the list of funding options
    • Enter the dollar amount to transfer in the Payment Amount box (Any value below or up to the balance on the Play+ account may be transferred to the wager account)
    • Click Fund to enter the payment screen
    • Click Pay

How do I transfer funds from my wager account to my Play+ account?

    • Log into your Jackpocket account and select Payout in the side menu of the app
    • Tap the Select Account button and select Play+
    • Enter your payout amount (Any value below or up to the maximum account balance may be transferred to your Play+ account)
    • Click Submit

What are the monthly fees for my Play+ account?
To learn more about the fee structures, log into myplayplus.mycardplace.com and view the Terms and Conditions.

Can my Play+ card be sent to a PO Box?
No, cards must be sent to a physical residential address.

How do I reset/change my PIN number?
Your PIN can be reset using the IVR at 877-220-3988 (push 4 once your card number is entered) or by logging into

    • Log into myplayplus.mycardplace.com
    • Hover over the additional services tab on the right side of the screen – click Change PIN
    • Enter the current PIN and the new PIN you wish it to be changed to – click Change PIN

How do I change my password?
If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot Your Password on the login screen. A temporary password will be sent to the email address on file. If you know your password and would like to change it:

    • Log into myplayplus.mycardplace.com
    • Click Additional Service Tab on right side of screen
    • Click Change Password/Secret Question
    • Enter current password – enter the password you wish to change to – click Change Password

How do I update my profile information? I’d like to update my address.
For us to make the change on your Play+ account, we will require that you scan and email or fax one of the below documents as proof of address.  Please ensure that your name and address both appear on the document for verification.  You may email to support@playplusgo.com or fax to 702-851-4755.  Please reference “Address Change” on the request.  

    • Scanned image of the Driver’s License or equivalent State Issued Identification card
    • Copy of a Utility Bill

What do I do if my Play+ card is lost or stolen?
Report lost or stolen cards immediately by emailing support@playplusgo.com or calling 877-220-3988. Once reported, the account will be closed and a new card will be issued to you, subject to the fee as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Additional information regarding liabilities for lost and stolen cards is available in the Terms and Conditions at myplayplus.mycardplace.com.

How do I check my Play+ account balance?
You can check your Play+ account balance for free online at myplayplus.mycardplace.com. Or get free balance alerts via email or by cell phone. You can also call Customer Service at 877-220-3988 and use the automated service.
What if I don’t agree with my available balance?

You can review posted transactions online at myplayplus.mycardplace.com for any discrepancies. Please keep in mind that your account may have pending authorizations that should be complete as soon as the merchant settles the transaction. If you believe that there is an issue with your balance, please contact us at support@playplusgo.com.

Discover®, the Discover Acceptance Mark, PULSE®, and the PULSE Logo are service marks used by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, under license from Discover Financial Services.